Balsamic-Marinated Flank Steak

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! I had an amazing one -- from a mini bachelorette party, which I will definitely tell you all about soon, to a day of shopping with my future mother- and sister-in-law. 

I really didn't do any cooking this weekend, but a couple weekends ago, I found a great new recipe for the grill (in Food & Wine magazine). On these hot, hot days we've been having lately, I've been so grateful that Jeff's parents' have a grill for us to use. It's so nice to be able to hang outside and make dinner instead of being stuck in a hot kitchen. And even better that Jeff helps out with a lot of the grilling so we spend more time together, as opposed to our usual arrangement of me cooking and him cleaning. (Of course, this means there's one downside: I have to help clean sometimes. It's worth it though.)

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

This particular recipe was for flank steak marinated in a homemade balsamic dressing. The picture of the perfectly grilled flank steak caught my eye, and when I showed it to Jeff, he was interested as well. 

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

I started by making the marinade: I mixed garlic, fresh rosemary, dried oregano, mustard, and balsamic vinegar in the blender and then drizzled in olive oil until the mixture was creamy. Then I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper.

I poured the marinade over the flank steak, turned the steak to make sure every bit of it was coated with the flavorful mixture, covered it, and refrigerated it for about 4 hours.

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

Then I had Jeff take the steak out of the marinade (simply letting the excess drip off) and throw it on the grill.

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

While he grilled the steak, I lightly oiled some baguette slices, zucchini halves, and scallions and added those to the grill. I also wrapped some halved grape tomatoes in foil with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, and let those warm and soften on the grill.

When the steak was ready, we let it rest for about 5 minutes, and then Jeff thinly sliced it against the grain.

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

I plated it with the grilled bread and veggies, and we dug in. I had reserved a bit of the marinade to serve with dinner, and it really added a lot of flavor to the steak and veggies. Flank steak isn't the most tender cut of meat by any stretch, but not overcooking it and thinly slicing it helped with that.

Balsamic-marinated flank steak

While this dinner had a lot of components, the whole thing came together very easily, and we were able to make everything on the grill, so there were no pots and pans to clean.

Have you been enjoying any easy meals lately?


Lisa said...

OMG, I love flank steak, and flank steak soaked in balsamic marinade, grilled and served with grilled baguette slices and grilled zucchini is the perfect grilled meal! the steak is so perfectly cooked, I want to reach into the csreen anf grab a few slices while you're not looking :) I wish I was at that BBQ!

Joanne said...

That marinade definitely sounds super tasty. And I'm sure it tastes all the better knowing that you two made it together!

Brian @ A Thought For Food said...

We always do surf and turf when we grill, but I seem to take care of preparing both of them, despite not eating the meat. Next time we do steak, I'm definitely trying this marinade!

Traveleatlove said...

The grilled veggies and baguette both look delicious!

Elizabeth said...

My easy meals lately have been smoothies since I couldn't chew until a few days ago :P. So awesome that Jeff's parents have a grill. I actually have one on my back porch but it's a little rickety.

Daisy said...

the flank steak looks perfect! how nice that there are no pots and pans to clean up after this feast.

In and Around Town said...

Everything about this meal looks like perfection! Love that marinade! Can't wait to hear about the weekend wrap up :)

FunandFearlessinBeantown said...

This looks like my kind of off-the-grill meal!

Bianca Garcia said...

This looks like such a nice summery dinner! I don't think I've ever bought flank steak before but if I had a grill I would follow this recipe to a T!

Sacha said...

The steak looks beautifully cooked, and I love balsamic marinades. That's the kind of meal that would make awesome leftovers, too!

christinefreshlocalandbest said...

I saw this recipe and bookmarked it! And now that I am seeing how beautiful the results are, I will try it too!

Colleen said...

That steak looks perfect! I love meals I can make completely on the grill, and I've been doing that a lot lately now that it's getting warm.

Olga @ MangoTomato said...

my steak never looks that good. your is perfect! and what an awesome meal: I want!!! I made a quick dinner last night: chorizo cooked w/onions, peas and tomato sauce and then wrapped into a tortilla.

Kerstin said...

Yum, looks great! I made flank steak for the first time last summer and it was easy to cook and throw together - you're inspired me to get some again :)

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

My mouth actually began watering when I saw the marinade. It looks incredible!! I'm glad you guys are getting to do lots of grilling!

natalie (thesweetslife) said...

i saw this recipe and thought it sounded good--and yours looks amazing! definitely need to try this soon!

beantownbaker said...

That looks like a great summertime meal. I love grilled squash!