Israeli Couscous With Spinach And Tomatoes

I'm working on cleaning out my cabinets and freezer. I've got so much food in them, and yet I keep buying more. This is not a good habit.

I decided that, intermingled with cooking all the new things I have in mind, I would try to make some dishes that use up my pantry items. I made the Israeli couscous with shallots (that I posted earlier this week) about a month ago; it just took me this long to post about it.

Last week, I made another Israeli couscous dish.

The couscous remaining from the previous recipe just barely filled a dry measure cup. Still, that was plenty for a few lunches. It's amazing how the couscous seems to multiply when you cook it.

After opening and closing some cabinets and checking the fridge and freezer, I began forming a plan in my head.

Suddenly, next to the scant cup of couscous, I had a package of frozen spinach, a can of diced tomatoes, and a couple of garlic cloves.

I started by draining the can of tomatoes into a pot. I added about a cup of water to the tomato liquid and peeled and smashed the two galic cloves and tossed them in as well.

Once the liquids were boiling, I added the couscous.

While I left the couscous to cook until tender and the liquid to get absorbed, I microwaved the frozen spinach. I suppose I could have just thrown it in the pot with the couscous, but I was afraid it would cool everything down too much and somehow demolish the whole dish. So I played it safe.

With the couscous now tender and chewy, I scooped out the garlic cloves and stirred in the diced tomatoes...

...and the spinach.

Season to taste with some salt and pepper and voila! There's lunch.

If I'd had any parmesan hanging around, I would have sprinkled some on top. Onions and basil would have been nice too. I made a similar recipe a long time ago with fresh baby spinach. I definitely prefer that to the frozen, but it worked, and mission accomplished: It's now cleared out of my freezer.

Now, does anyone have any ideas for what to do with petite crimson lentils? Do tell!