My Blog Is Three Years Old Today!

When I realized that I've been writing this blog for three years now, I was kind of shocked. That means that I've been keeping up with a personal goal for six months longer than I held my first job out of college and for only a year and a half less than I've been at my current job. It almost seems like a full-time job in itself when you put it in those terms (if only it could be as lucrative).

I started off writing about meals I was making for myself and food-related books I was reading while in the midst of writing my thesis for grad school. My pictures were terrible, and I don't think much of my content was all that valuable to others.

Now, I see myself providing some real feedback on recipes I've tried, experimenting a little more in the kitchen, and really having some insight to offer to others. I've gotten much more involved in the Boston food scene, through blogger events, dinners, and outings, as well as through personal experiences and adventures.

I feel like I've gained some loyal followers, a lot of whom I've actually met in real life now. And I'd like to thank you all for sticking with me, reading my thoughts and opinions, and most of all inspiring me and encouraging me to keep going.

Here's to the year ahead!