Girls' Day Out And A Glimpse Of Boston Bridal Lounge

Yesterday morning I set out bright and early to meet two of my friends down on Newbury Street for facials and lunch. We had back-to-back appointments at G Spa and finally used our Buy With Me discounts that we bought months ago. We each did a 1-hour splurge facial, which was totally worthwhile (at $50 rather than the usual $100) and very relaxing.

With glowing skin, we headed next door to 29 Newbury for lunch. Both of my friends got the warm goat cheese salad while I opted for the grilled vegetable press -- a grilled wrap filled with caramelized onions, eggplant, spinach, mushrooms, and asiago cheese. It came with some incredible sweet potato fries. Besides that it's ridiculously overpriced at $16, the sandwich is very tasty. (I wish I had taken a picture.) We also split a bottle of prosecco because girls' day out requires a little bubbly!

At this point one of my friends had to head out, but my other friend and I decided to wander down Newbury Street. I had mentioned hearing about Boston Bridal Lounge, and since we are both engaged and have wedding stuff constantly on the brain, we set out to find it.

A small A-frame sign outside 125 Newbury Street is the only indication that Boston Bridal Lounge can be found inside. We spotted the sign, went in, and took the elevator to the second floor to find a gorgeous lounge and showroom.

Eleni and Kerri welcomed us, took our coats, and lead us to the comfortable white leather couches, where we sat and talked about our weddings. My friend is getting married in July and is much further along, focusing on the very last details at this point, while, as you know, I'm just getting into the swing of things. I have a ceremony and reception venue, caterers, and a photographer so far.

Inside Boston Bridal Lounge is a whole library of portfolios from different vendors, and as I talked about what I was looking for Kerri or Eleni would grab a binder as well as contact information for a vendor they thought would meet my budget and needs.

And as luck would have it, Jeanne from I Dream of Jeanne Cakes was there with two different wedding cakes that day, and we got to try a slice of each. The one on the left was a vanilla cake with mango and macadamia buttercream. The buttercream had just a hint of sweetness, which I really like. The cake on the right is the raspberry truffle cake -- dark chocolate cake with a thin layer of raspberry jam and rich chocolate raspberry truffle. Both cakes were moist and flavorful, and I'd be happy to have either at my wedding.

I actually still haven't decided if I'm going with one of the cake vendors included in our venue contract or getting a cake credit from the venue and getting the cake elsewhere. People have asked if I plan to make my own cake, but I just don't think I have the storage space for it, and my stress level would probably skyrocket. Plus, I've been told that as the bride, I'll have so many other things to be thinking about in those days leading up to the big day!

I got some great information from Kerri and Eleni about some local vendors they trust and definitely have some more research to do now.

Boston Bridal Lounge hosts events or meets with couples by appointment, and as my friend and I found out, Kerri and Eleni definitely seem happy to sit down and chat with curious brides-to-be who just happen to stop in on a Saturday afternoon.

If you're married or planning a wedding, did you or do you have a wedding planner? And more importantly, what kind of cake did you have, or what's your dream wedding cake?