Recipe Relay

For the past couple months I have been interning for a site called Recipe Relay. Have you heard of it? If you haven't, you should check it out. Founders Brianna and Sarah met while getting their green MBAs at Antioch. They have ideas about food that are similar to most of ours: They prefer eating locally and seasonally and love encouraging others to do the same.

Recipe Relay came out of Sarah's idea to create a cookbook that started with one recipe and through variations ended up as a different recipe at the end of the book. In place of the cookbook, Sarah and Brianna created Recipe Relay, and the site gives people the chance to take the idea of starting with one recipe and ending up with a completely different recipe, by carrying over an ingredient or cooking method from a previous recipe. It's a pretty cool concept, and it spans not only this country (Sarah's in NYC and Brianna's in San Diego) but the world (contributors also hail from China, Spain, and other countries).

I'm really happy to be involved with Recipe Relay. I found the internship through Good Food Jobs, another incredible site. Good Food Jobs aims to connect people looking for meaningful food-related work, "good food jobs," with businesses that need those motivated, enthusiastic people. A lot of the jobs are on farms or in restaurants -- I even saw an internship on the Amalfi Coast (if only!).

As an intern with Recipe Relay, so far I've been doing a lot of research and some writing. This week, it's actually my turn to do a relay. I was given the list of ingredients and the title of the recipe prior to mine, so that I could figure out what element of that recipe I wanted to carry over into mine. To see what I did, head over to Recipe Relay.

And if you like what you see, consider joining the relay!