John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, And SweetSticks

What do you keep stocked in your kitchen for those times when you need to throw together some quick snacks? Maybe some guests just stopped by and you want to set out a little plate of something or perhaps dinner's running behind because you attempted a new recipe that's taking way longer than you thought it would (or am I the only one who does that?) and you need to take the edge of your guests' hunger. For times like those, I always like to have cheese and crackers around. Enter John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks and CheeseCrisps.

John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks and CheeseCrispsJohn Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks and CheeseCrisps

These all-natural twice-baked snacks are made from layers of sourdough and aged cheeses -- kind of like cheese and crackers in one tasty package. The sticks feature a decorative twist shape (and are great for dipping), and the crisps are flat and crackerlike (perfect for topping). They come in a variety of flavors from Original Cheddar to Melting Parmesan to Sesame Gruyere.

I was sent a bunch of samples to try and loved most of the sticks and crisps on their own (Smoked Jalapeño is just not my thing). They're so crunchy, crispy, and buttery. While they need no adornment, I also loved playing around with dressing them up with different accompaniments.

The Dijon Swiss CheeseSticks pretty much cry out to be served with some deli ham. Set these twists out on a platter with little ham rolls, and you've got an instant hors d'oeuvre. The Dijon flavor was not quite as strong as I'd like, so I suggest setting out a little extra mustard too, just for that added punch.

Dijon Swiss CheeseSticks and deli ham

Melting Parmesan CheeseSticks are just the right match for steaming bowls of tomato soup. The savory, salty twists soften slightly in the soup but still keep their twice-baked crunch, providing a contrasting texture and complementary flavor. I think they'd be tasty served simply with marinara sauce too.

Melting Parmesan CheeseSticks and tomato soup

And the CheeseCrisps... well there are so many possibilities. Their flat, square shape is a nice canvas for different toppings. I sampled the Asiago & Cheddar ones on their own and couldn't help thinking how good they'd be with an artichoke or roasted red pepper dip. If you have a little time to plan ahead, grab some dips and spreads to pair with the crisps.

Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps

And then there are the SweetSticks. The sourdough base for these has more of a pie crust taste and texture to it. And there are sweet ingredients like cinnamon or Madagascar vanilla swirled in. These would be delicious paired with coffee and ice cream or a simple dessert dip, like a chocolate sauce. And again, they hold their own and make delightful snacks as is.

John Wm. Macy's SweetSticksJava Cinnamon SweetSticks

These CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, and SweetSticks are just the snacks to have on hand for crafting last-minute appetizers, rounding out a meal, or accompanying some coffee and ice cream for a quick dessert. (You can find more appetizer and dessert ideas and even wine pairings on the CheeseSticks website.)

Have you ever tried CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, or SweetSticks?

I received complimentary samples of CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps, and SweetSticks. I've purchased CheeseSticks in the past. All opinions are my own.