Boston Love For Washington, IL

Many of you know Jen, who blogs over at Beantown Baker. For those who don't, Jen used to live in Boston and we would often have baking dates together. She's a great friend and someone who's always thinking of others. Just over a week ago, Jen's mom's house in Washington, Illinois, was leveled by a tornado. The pictures of devastation that she has posted are just heartbreaking. Jen's brother was even in the house when the tornado came through, but luckily he is OK. Jen and her family spent days picking through the rubble, but they still have a long way to go toward rebuilding, as do others in the area who were affected.

To learn about how you can help Jen's family and others, please visit Jen's blog, where she has provided details on how to show your support. As we head into Thanksgiving and all start focusing on the things we are thankful for, I hope you will keep Jen and her family in your thoughts.