Three Years And Some BIG News

Three years ago today, I had my first date with -- and there's no non-cliche way to say this -- the most wonderful, incredible, amazing guy. I moved into my new apartment (right next door to his condo) in May around the same time he brought home a certain chocolate lab puppy. (Yes, I owe this all to Gunner.)

For months we would see each other in the morning when I was walking to work and he was taking Gunner out or at night when I was coming home from class (grad school) and he was taking Gunner out. I like to tell people we met on the street. During these run-ins, we smiled, we waved, and eventually we started to talk. I actually found myself getting disappointed when I would make it all the way to my door without running into him.

Finally, after months of casually chatting, we had our first date. It didn't really go as planned. The plan was to go to Redbones in Davis Square. The plan was also for him to drive. He met me at my door, explained he'd locked his keys in his house, and asked if I would drive instead. (Now, looking back, I like to think I made him nervous.)

Anyone who knew me then, with my on-street parking, knew I hated moving my car at night. But you know how first dates are... all about first impressions, so I silently sucked it up, and I drove us to Davis Square where we proceeded to drive around for half an hour looking for parking. Eventually, I remembered that the Warren Miller movie was playing that night at the Somerville Theater, and parking was a lost cause. We turned around and headed home.

We decided to walk down the street to East Coast Grill instead. Honestly, as great as Redbones is, I think East Coast Grill is a better first date spot. (We made it to Redbones for the second date.) It's also in our neighborhood, which makes it pretty significant. I still remember what we ate that night. He ordered the swordfish, I got the mahi mahi, and we shared a piece of chocolate pecan pie.

Clearly things went well because here we are three years later, living together, thinking about buying a house, and at this very moment, hopefully lying on a beach in the Bahamas.

Oh, and we also got engaged last Sunday!!!

I was completely surprised!

I kept telling anyone who asked that it would probably be a couple years before he asked. Boy, was I wrong! I went out to get my nails done on Sunday afternoon in preparation for the cruise and came home to find Gunner with his collar on (which he never wears inside, so I was a little confused as to why he was wearing it) and Jeff standing there, waiting for me to figure out there was a ring box attached to Gunner's collar.

I opened the box and Jeff got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I laughed and cried and said yes!  We are both incredibly happy, and the timing was so perfect. He thought I was expecting him to pop the question on the cruise (which I really wasn't), and so he went out of his way to make sure I was surprised. He did good! We get to enjoy our first cruise together newly engaged.