Local, Seasonal Brunch At Avenue One

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a Boston Brunchers brunch out on The Terrace at Avenue One, a restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Boston. I had not been able to make it to a Boston Brunchers event in months and was happy to reconnect with old friends as well as meet a bunch of people I have gotten to know through our blogs and Twitter -- all the while enjoying some fabulous food and long overdue sunshine.

Photo courtesy of Michelle

As soon as we stepped out onto the terrace, we were offered fruit smoothie shooters. I chose the mixed berry smoothie and thought it was just the right thing to kick off brunch... and my appetite.

Before we descended on the food stations, Executive Chef Kelly Armetta welcomed us all and talked to us about his philosophy and the food we would be trying that day, which will soon be on the restaurant's brunch menu.

His mission is to serve local, seasonal food, as well as appeal to international travelers (who are accustomed to cheeses and meats at breakfast), and he definitely showed us that in the spread he and his staff prepared for us that day.

After surveying all the options, I knew I'd have to carefully choose my courses in order to try as much as possible. I started over at the omelette station, and ordered the special omelette for the day, which was filled with caramelized onions, roasted portabellos, and Grafton cheddar. 

How beautiful does this look?

And I couldn't leave without grabbing a coddled egg as well. The coddled egg was served on top of arugula with crispy prosciutto, Marcona almonds, and honey-roasted stone fruit.

The coddled egg passed the test -- I broke into it to reveal a perfectly runny yolk. I wasn't sure how I would feel about eating the egg with fruit, but the sweet and savory flavors played off of each other, and I really enjoyed this dish. It's perfect for someone who likes eggs for breakfast but wants something on the light side as well.

Right after my first course, which I enjoyed with a glass of orange juice, the waitress came around and offered us Bloody Marys and mimosas. I usually opt for a mimosa, but I think I was more in the mood for a Bloody Mary after eating eggs. I asked the waitress whether the Bloody Marys were very spicy, and she went and had the bartender make me a mild one.

After a few sips of the  tomato-heavy and mildly spicy Bloody Mary, I headed back up to fill another plate. I knew I needed to try a croissant, and then I also grabbed some fruit, cheese, meat, and a little of the gluten-free granola with some yogurt and blackberry jam. The granola was fabulous and full of dried fruits.

The croissant was buttery and chewy and had just the right pull to it. It was one of my favorite bites of the day.

At that point, I was ready to try the lobster Benedict, but every time the skillet with the lobster Benedict was set out, all of its contents immediately disappeared. Finally, I figured out that I should keep watch on the door, and as soon as I saw a waiter come out with a skillet in hand, I hopped up and followed him over to the table. The lobster Benedict was mostly worth the wait. The poached egg was overcooked -- that coddled egg was a tough act to follow -- but the lobster was nicely cooked, the bacon (cured on corn cobs)was very flavorful, and the chive hollandaise pulled the whole dish together.

For my final course, I decided to end on a sweet note with the triple chocolate pancakes. I was initially shocked to see that the pancakes were pale in color because I was expecting chocolate pancakes, but I soon realized that all the chocolate components go on top. First, there's a sprinkling of Lake Champlain chocolate, then a drizzle of chocolate espresso sauce, and finally a dollop of white chocolate butter and some fresh fruit. I enjoyed the pancake but really wanted more chocolate! What can I say? I have a huge sweet tooth.

This review is based on a Boston Brunchers event that was co-hosted by Eversave and may not be a typical experience. Brunch cost $25 per person and included drinks, tax, and tip.

Brunch is not typically served on The Terrace (you can find it inside at the restaurant), but The Terrace is open in the evenings (weather permitting) from 5 p.m. until close for specialty cocktails and Chef's seasonal bites. There's even live music on Thursdays and Fridays.

What's your favorite brunch dish?