30's Not So Bad

Cook's Illustrated birthday cake

Actually it's pretty great so far! My weekend was filled with surprises, incredible friends and family, delectable food, amazing cakes, and thoughtful gifts!

Surprise lunch with Jeff, my mom, and my brother in Salem!

Chocolate cake from Edible Dreams

Celebrating my 30th and my brother's 16th

Cutting the cake


After lunch and cake, we all wandered around Salem for a bit and checked out the Salem Witch Museum. Then Jeff and I headed back home to get ready to "go out to dinner." We left just before 7, drove for about 10 minutes, and then Jeff claimed he left his wallet at home. We came back, walked in, and I saw our counter covered with food. I walked around the corner to be greeted with "Surprise!" Jeff had invited a bunch of my friends over, and they all brought food and threw me the best surprise party!

This cake was inspired by some Photoshopping my friend and former co-worker did when I got my new job. Jeff sent the photo to our friend who is super-talented and makes the most amazing cakes, and he used the picture to make this awesome 30th birthday cake for me!

Friends getting ready to try some cake

More chocolate! People seriously know me!


My new baby!

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so much fun and so memorable!