Fondant Ghosts And Mummies For Halloween

Fondant ghosts and mummies on cupcakes

Remember earlier this month when Jen and I tried decorating some cakes with fondant? Well, that same day, we also worked on some Halloween treats with the fondant that King Arthur Flour sent us. We found ideas for ghosts and mummies on the King Arthur Flour website (well before Food Network Magazine arrived in my mailbox touting a similar idea) and thought it would be fun to make some Halloween-themed cupcakes.

I whipped up a batch of vanilla cupcakes and some vanilla and caramel buttercreams, and we used those as the base for our decorations. I made standard-size cupcakes for the mummies and mini cupcakes for the ghosts (and used Halloween-colored cupcake liners I ordered on Etsy from The Bakers Confections). Below are some notes on how we created the mummies and ghosts, but you can check out King Arthur Flour for more exact instructions.

Fondant ghosts and mummies on cupcakes

Making Mummies

To make the mummies, I rolled out some fondant very thin, and then cut strips of it. I covered a frosted cupcake with the strips, leaving an opening for the mummy's eyes. Then I dug out my Valrhona Les Perles, which I thought would be perfect for eyes, and placed them in the opening.

Fondant mummy cupcake

Making Ghosts

To make the ghosts, I rolled a small amount of fondant into a little ball and placed it on top of a frosted mini cupcake. (I tried a few different methods and found that the small ball of fondant helped the ghost to hold its shape best.)

Making fondant ghost cupcakes

Then I rolled out more fondant and used a round cutter to cut out a small fondant circle. I draped the fondant circle over the small ball of fondant, coaxing it into little folds.

Making fondant ghost cupcakes

For the final touch, I made a small parchment cone, filled it with bittersweet chocolate chips, microwaved it until the chocolate was fluid, and used it to pipe little dots on the ghosts for eyes.

Fondant ghosts and mummies on cupcakes

The little mummies and ghosts looked so cute and are a great introduction to fondant if you've never used it before. They'd be fitting additions to a Halloween party!

What are your favorite Halloween treats?