The Apple Picking Aftermath


We must have come home with 30 pounds of apples after apple picking. That's my rough estimate, because after I made four apple pies (two double-crust and two streusel-topped), two apple cinnamon loaves, apple crisp (with maple dulce de leche instead of caramel), and applesauce, all of which required a total of about 15 pounds of apples, I still hadn't made a dent in the supply. I decided to make apple cider doughnuts, but I switched from my regular recipe and used one that didn't require any apples, so that didn't help diminish the supply but still made for a nice fall treat. Then I came across this amazing brown butter apple crisp skillet muffin bread and I made it right away, using up a couple more apples. Another went into a tuna melt. And I've still got a drawerful left!

I have definitely enjoyed making all sorts of apple things -- some we've eaten right away and some I've filled the freezer with -- so I don't mind that we picked so many apples.

I made lots of pies because I found some great tips on King Arthur Flour's website about freezing unbaked pies. Thanksgiving is coming and other occasions could pop up that require a pie, so I thought it would be helpful to get a bunch done at once. Of course, I baked one the night I made them all because it's really hard to make apple pie and not have any to eat. But I ended up freezing another three. I may still end up making more if I can reorganize the freezer enough to fit them in.

Rolling out pie doughPie dough lining pie plate

Pie dough in pie plates

Apple pie fillingMaking apple pie

Putting top crust on apple pieAssembled apple pies

The apple cinnamon loaves are one of my favorite things that I made during this whole apple baking escapade. They have this soft tender dough and a cobblestone appearance. I sliced one loaf and ate the slices toasted and buttered for breakfast one week. I sliced the other loaf, double-wrapped it, and put it in the freezer. It's destined for French toast.

Dough for apple cinnamon loavesDough for apple cinnamon loaves

ApplesApples and cinnamon

Dough for apple cinnamon loavesRolled out dough for apple cinnamon loaves

Forming apple cinnamon loavesForming apple cinnamon loaves

Forming apple cinnamon loavesForming apple cinnamon loaves

Assembled apple cinnamon loavesAssembled apple cinnamon loaves

Apple cinnamon loaves

Apple cinnamon loavesSlice of apple cinnamon bread

I definitely recommend trying any of the recipes I've linked to above, and I'd love to know some of your favorite apple recipes. Maybe they'll inspire me!