The Keurig Store, Burlington, Mass.

I still remember the first cup of Keurig-brewed coffee I had. I was at my friends' parents house and a bunch of us girls (we were in our early twenties then) were getting ready to head out to the bar. We needed some pre-night-out caffeine and made coffees using my friend's parents' Keurig brewer. We all (besides the designated driver) added a splash of Bailey's to our coffee. I remember being so impressed with how good the coffee was and how easy it was to make. Of course, you could argue that it was the Bailey's, but I got my own Keurig brewer soon after, and hundreds of cups of coffee later, I'm pretty sure the coffee had a lot to do with it too.

Keurig brewer

Keurig makes single-cup brewing systems, so instead of making a whole pot of one kind of coffee, you can actually make single cups of any flavor you want and in less time than it takes to brew a pot. My first Keurig brewer was a very simple one. (I got it about 8 years ago, so I'm not even sure it exists anymore.) It allowed me to get rid of my little 4-cup coffee pot, effortlessly make a cup of coffee before work each morning, and have a variety of flavors of coffee on hand for guests. I loved the convenience of it.

When I moved in with Jeff, he already had his own Keurig brewer and it was a little newer than mine, so we retired mine and used his for a while. Eventually he bought me the Breville Keurig brewer as a gift, and we've been using that one ever since. Our current brewer allows us to brew four different size cups of coffee. It's also programmable, so we have it set so it's ready to go when we're ready for our morning coffee. If we have a second cup in the afternoon, we simply turn the machine on, and it's ready to brew soon after.

Keurig brewer and Green Mountain Coffee

I have long been a fan of Keurig and drink a cup of coffee from our brewer nearly every day, so I was excited when I heard that Keurig had opened a store in the Burlington Mall, where you can actually go and see their products and hand-pick which K-cups you want to try (as opposed to ordering a box of all one kind online). I was invited in to visit and tour the store before Christmas.

Keurig Store, Burlington, Mass.
Photo courtesy of Greg M. Cooper / Keurig
The store, which opened last November, features a "Pick-a-Pack" wall so you can build your own box of Keurig K-Cups  -- like a sampler pack. There's every kind of coffee imaginable from light roast to dark, flavored to not. And the choices aren't limited to just coffee either. There's tea, iced tea, hot cocoa, and specialty coffee drinks. It's a great way to find new beverages without committing to purchasing a whole box of one kind.

Pick-a-Pack wall at Keurig Store, Burlington, Mass.


You can also find the full line of Keurig brewing systems in the store, from the K75 Platinum to the Vue to the Rivo to the Keurig MINI. The Rivo makes cappuccinos and lattes. And the MINI comes in an array of colors and is even sold with college logos. The store is designed so that you can try the different machines and even sample beverages right there.

Brewers at Keurig Store, Burlington, Mass.

If you have a Keurig brewer and want to try some new beverages or if you've been thinking about getting one and want a chance to check out the different brewing systems, a trip to the store is definitely worth it.

Have you used a Keurig brewer before?

Keurig provided me with transportation to and from the mall, sent me home with coffee samples, and sent me a new Keurig brewer. As always, all opinions are my own. I have been a fan of Keurig for a long time and have been using their products for years.