"Butterball It" Plus A Butterball Turkey Gift Check Giveaway

Roast Thanksgiving turkey

We all know that Thanksgiving is coming, and we embrace it in all different ways. Some of us are excited to tackle roasting the bird and fearlessly enter the kitchen. Others are a little more trepidatious and might have questions and concerns along the way. That's where Butterball comes in with their new "Butterball It" technology. When you visit Butterball.com, you'll see a search bar where you can type in any Thanksgiving-related questions you might have.

Butterball It logo

Butterball created this search engine because they know cooks are searching for holiday cooking help more than ever. The search engine encompasses the 30-plus years of wisdom from the experts behind the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. Now you can just “Butterball It” for all your holiday cooking needs.

I tried the search engine and asked how I would know if my turkey was done, and it returned this handy infographic!

In addition to sharing this new technology from Butterball with you guys, I also have two Butterball turkey gift checks ($20 value) to give away, courtesy of Butterball. (You simply use the check toward the purchase of your Butterball turkey when you check out at the grocery store.)

This is my favorite giveaway of the whole year! (Thanks to Butterball, I have been hosting a turkey gift check giveaway every year since 2011.) Just fill in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win one check. You must leave a blog comment telling me what question you would turn to Butterball It for. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Butterball provided the gift checks for this giveaway and sent me a gift check as well.