Mystery Meet No. 1: Ten Tables

Last night I attended the first Boston Mystery Meet. I didn't know very much about Mystery Meet, but I stumbled across it one day when I noticed I was getting some blog traffic from MysteryMeet.org. I feared my blog had somehow ended up on some Internet dating site and went to investigate. Turns out that Mystery Meet is not an online dating site but is something more like an online dining site. Mystery Meet gets foodies together at a different restaurant each month, but the particular restaurant is kept a secret until the event draws near (hence the mystery).

As soon as I discovered that this first Mystery Meet would be held at Ten Tables in Cambridge (and found out that some of my blogger friends were also going), I signed up for the dinner: a $40 four-course tasting menu.

Yesterday evening, I left our house, umbrella in hand, about an hour before the dinner was to start and strolled down to Harvard Square. My plan was to wander the streets nearby the restaurant to get a little fresh air before dinner. (I don't get enough time outdoors these days.) Well, that plan was soon foiled when the threat of rain became a reality, and I picked up the pace a bit and searched more earnestly for Ten Tables. Don't take the word searched lightly. Ten Tables is tucked down a little side street and is not the easiest place to find. Luckily, there's a rather large sign out front that you can see once you get close enough to it.

I thought the entranceway was quaint and inviting, so I snapped a quick picture of it in the rain before ducking inside.

As soon as I got into the restaurant, I found Meghan and met Kristen and began chatting with them while we waited for the others to arrive.

The restaurant is so tiny that it doesn't take long to take it all in. Its size is definitely part of its charm. I loved the wine rack, the shelf full of cookbooks, and the chalkboard with the dessert specials written on it. I wish I could show you pictures of everything, but it was just too dimly lit in there.

Soon Michelle and her fiance, Rachel, Justin, and some other "Mystery Meeters" showed up, and we all caught up and mingled while we waited to be seated.

And then the dinner began...

Prosciutto Americano with asparagus at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Prosciutto Americano with asparagus, fava beans, shaved pecorino,
 walnuts and black truffle vinaigrette

Pan-roasted cod with cucumber gazpacho at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Pan-roasted cod with cucumber gazpacho and stuffed zucchini blossom

Berkshire pork chop served over creamed corn at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Berkshire pork chop served over creamed corn (from Ward's Farm)

Strawberry coulis with buttermilk sorbet at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Strawberry coulis with buttermilk sorbet (the palate cleanser)

Chocolate terrine with sea salt and Thai basil ice cream at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Chocolate terrine with sea salt and Thai basil ice cream
(Look at that perfect quenelle!)

Greek yogurt panna cotta with strawberries and candied pistachios at Ten Tables, Cambridge, Mass.
Greek yogurt panna cotta with strawberries and candied pistachios

Every dish was clearly prepared with a lot of thought and consideration for flavor combinations. I enjoyed every bite. I am a huge fan of truffle oil and loved the inclusion of it in our first course. I relished the cucumber gazpacho served with the cod -- it was just so light and fresh. The Berkshire pork chop was cooked perfectly. I'm always afraid to order pork chops because they can be awfully dry and tough. This pork was incredibly tender and juicy, and the local corn underneath was so sweet. That little shooter of strawberry coulis and buttermilk sorbet was refreshing and might have been my favorite part of the meal if that chocolate terrine hadn't followed it. The chocolate terrine with its sprinkling of sea salt and fragrant basil was phenomenal. I shared the terrine with Kristen and tried some of her Greek yogurt panna cotta, which was really lovely both in texture and flavor.

Not only was all of the food well prepared and incredibly delicious, but it was also carefully selected. Ten Tables aims to be a neighborhood spot both by creating an inviting, cozy environment and by using local ingredients.

"Our menu isn't based upon whim; it's built with deference to seasonal rhythms of what's locally fresh and available, wild and organic, and consistent with our commitment to the highest of quality standards." - Ten Tables

I had a wonderful time and would definitely return to Ten Tables, and I'm looking forward to the next Mystery Meet dinner! Thank you to Ten Tables for having us and thank you to Seth at Mystery Meet for organizing this event!

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Seth Resler said...

Thanks again for coming! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Great recap, and the photos look awesome!

theUngourmet said...

What a fun time! Everything looks fabulous. I would love to attend an event like this one. :)

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

Lovely re-cap! It was a long but wonderful meal and I hope we can do the next one together too!

BFW (Tammy) said...

Oh! I was going to go to this and no I'm SOOO bummed I missed it!!! Next time!

Shannon said...

looks awesome! i just signed up so hopefully i'll be able to attend the next one :)

Daisy said...

Such a great recap! So much fun, especially the part where we got to share dessert!

Eliana said...

Now I wanna fund out if there is a mystery meet in NYC because this sounds like loads of fun.

The Diva on a Diet said...

"Mystery Meet" sound (and looks) like such fun! Thank you for sharing this incredible meal with us ... it all looks magnificent! Though, I'll admit that its the chocolate tart that's really got me drooling.

I agree with Eliana's comment above ... I'm wondering if there's an NYC Mystery Meet too!

Velva said...

What a creative and wonderful way to meet up with your fellow food bloggers/foodies. Awesome! I wish I lived in a bigger city.

Monet said...

What a fun evening...and what amazing plates of food. It is so wonderful to go to restaurants where the care and concern of the chefs is evident in each bite. I'm glad I discovered your blog, and I look forward to reading more!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

This is such a fun idea! Everything looks so delicious - I'm especially drooling over those desserts!