Popbar's Hot Chocolate On A Stick

About a month ago I got some fun treats to sample from Popbar. Popbar is a shop in New York that sells gelato on a stick as well as other goodies. Clearly, they couldn't send me gelato, so they sent me something even better at this time of year: Hot Chocolate on a Stick. I got two samples of dark Hot Chocolate on a Stick -- basically a block of chocolate on a Popsicle stick. (Other available flavors are milk chocolate and vanilla white chocolate.)

The Hot Chocolate on a Stick comes with directions that instruct you to fill a cup with 8 ounces of hot milk (or fill it with cold milk and microwave the milk for 2 minutes) and then stir the Hot Chocolate on a Stick into the milk until it melts completely.

I heated up a mug of regular milk for Jeff and a mug of soy milk for me.

Then we each unwrapped our Hot Chocolate on a Stick and stirred it into our milk.

You can see the milk start to darken as the chocolate melts into it. It was a fun way to make hot chocolate, and it's definitely nice to use real chocolate rather than a packet of powder.

Next time, I'd just use less milk because I like my hot chocolate much more chocolaty, but otherwise I thought these were tasty, and Jeff enjoyed his as is -- he's not quite the chocoholic I am.

Popbar has a lot of other treats I wish I could try, like the gelato and sorbetto on a stick and the popBites. They also have fun strawberry popSorbetto miniPops for Valentine's Day. But since I'm not close enough to enjoy their frozen treats, I'll stick with the Hot Chocolate on a Stick, which can be ordered online. I think they make great gifts too. (One of my friends just gave me a couple after a particularly rough week and definitely brightened my day.)

I received complimentary samples from Popbar, but as always my opinions are my own.

What kind of hot chocolate do you like?