The Blizzard Of 2013

I hope everyone is safe and warm and enjoying the aftermath of Nemo. The storm gave me an excuse to hole up inside, cook comfort food, and sit by the fire and to just let go a little and spend some time with my boys.

On Friday afternoon when the snow was just starting to stick, Gunner got to frolic in the backyard with his frisbee. He loves the snow, but I don't think he had any idea what was coming.

On Friday night, as we watched the snow fall and pile up outside, Jeff and I had a comforting dinner of Caesar salad and a dish called la genovese for which onions are cooked for 4 hours into a luscious sauce and served along with slow-cooked chuck roast and pasta. (We had plenty of leftovers for the rest of the weekend.)

La Genoveses pasta

After dinner, Jeff made a fire and we curled up on the couch with big mugs of cocoa and homemade coffee cake and watched a movie.

On Saturday morning, Gunner knew that something exciting was going on outside and he couldn't wait to get out there. Jeff and I bundled up and trudged out in the backyard with him.

We could only get out through the basement door because there was so much snow piled up in front of the back and front doors. As soon as Gunner got out, he was in his glory, running and swimming through the deep snow. While he played, Jeff shoveled off the deck and got us access to the back door.

Gunner and I hung out in the backyard until he was good and tired, and Jeff went around front to tackle shoveling the walk. I started preparing tomato soup and grilled cheeses for lunch -- there's nothing better after being out in the snow, in my opinion. We had some rosemary-sourdough bread and crispy pancetta, which made the sandwiches extra tasty.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

After lunch, Jeff went back out to clear off our car, and I had a really lazy afternoon, something I haven't done in ages. It was nice to not have to do anything. (I'll be making up for that today, for sure.)

This morning, at Jeff's request, I made a big batch of pancakes for breakfast.

Now we're just figuring out what to do with our day and getting ready for the week ahead.

How did you spend the weekend?