Why I Love The King Arthur Flour Company

Fact: I love the King Arthur Flour Company.

There are so many reasons I am enamoured with the King Arthur Flour Company that it's difficult to decide where to begin, so I guess I'll begin with the obvious: the flour.

As someone who bakes all the time -- and I mean ALL the time -- having high-quality flour is a must. Ever since I started using King Arthur flour, I haven't used anything else. With King Arthur flour I make what I deem to be the tastiest, highest-quality baked goods and treats I possibly can, and that's really important to me. We even use King Arthur flour at the bakery where I work.

Why is King Arthur flour so great?

"All flour is not created equal. King Arthur Flour is subject to the most precise specifications in the milling industry, and the resulting purity and consistent performance have made it the trusted flour of baking enthusiasts and professionals for over 200 years. We put that care into our products because we believe you deserve exceptional results, every time you bake." -King Arthur Flour Company Web site

I know King Arthur Flour tends to be a little pricier than other flours, so why should you splurge?

"Here at King Arthur Flour, we believe 'value' still refers to the worth of something, not how cheap it is. So while our flour may cost a little bit more than some of the other brands you see on supermarket shelves, we know it’s a good value because you get what you pay for: The consistent performance of King Arthur Flour yields exceptional results whenever you invest your time and ingredients in baking." -King Arthur Flour Company Web site

What is there besides flour?

Besides the various flours, from white to whole wheat to bread (there are even gluten-free flours and nut flours), the King Arthur Flour Company offers tons of other products. I find out about them all the time from the catalog I get in the mail, the emails I get from King Arthur, and the browsing I do on their site. And not only are there tons of great products to choose from, but online shopping and checkout are simple, and delivery is speedy! Maybe that's why I place orders on their site so often.

And what is there to do when you're done shopping?

On top of all the wonderful products, the King Arthur Flour Company has so many other resources for bakers.


The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook

King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains

The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion: The Essential Cookie Cookbook

The Baking Sheet newsletter

This is King Arthur Flour's award-winning, bimonthly, 24-page newsletter, which includes great tips, techniques, and recipes.

Baking Banter: Hot Stuff from King Arthur's Hearth

This is the company blog. You can read about the different bakers' experiences at King Arthur, recipes they've made, trials and tribulations in the kitchen, new uses for old bakeware and ingredients, and so much more.


King Arthur has an amazing Baking Education Center. I say that based on reputation; I haven't taken any of the classes myself... yet. There are introductory classes and more intensive week-long courses. There are classes for children and classes with guest bakers. There are also traveling baking demos for those who don't live near the center in Vermont. I would definitely love to take a bread class and a cake decorating class. Speaking of... I keep thinking of trying to get a group of Boston bloggers/bakers together to trek up there for a class. Any interest?


There are so many recipes on the site to choose from. I've made the oatmeal bread and the chocolate stout cake and, most recently, some cinnamon bread (upcoming post alert).

Not to mention that the company itself sounds incredible. And it's 100 percent employee-owned! Check out this great video of a day at the King Arthur Flour Company. (Although if you watch it, you might realize what a baking nerd I am. What can I say? It inspires me.) I know that if I lived in Vermont, I would definitely try to work there. If you have to have a job, wouldn't you want to work somewhere that requires you to take free baking classes? Enough said.

So I told you a giveaway was coming up... and not just any giveaway... a giveaway that is near and dear to my baking heart. I love King Arthur so much that I actually approached them about doing a giveaway... because I love you all too! So come back tomorrow for your chance to win some great stuff from the King Arthur Flour Company!

What are your favorite baking products/companies?