Product Review: OXO Good Grips POP Containers

A while ago, I was given the opportunity to review a product from CSN Stores (where you can find wall art and decor, among other things), and then I did a giveaway for you guys, and now I have the chance to review another product. I realized that I never reviewed the OXO Good Grips POP Containers I ordered last time. They had been on back order and took about four or five weeks to come in, so by the time I got them we were heading into the crazy time of Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., and I didn't really have a chance to write about them. So here's that review, a little delayed.

Jeff and I actually found these containers at Crate & Barrel almost two years ago. This was around the time I was moving in with him, and we decided that in order to accommodate all of my pots and pans and dishes and such, it would be a good idea to redo the front closet and turn it into a pantry. The sole purpose of the pantry would be to store food, so we could use all of the cabinets for dishes and pots and pans.

We went to the container store and designed the whole pantry and picked up a bunch of Elfa shelving, took it home, and built the pantry ourselves. In order to keep it neat and organized, I arranged shelves by baking supplies; rices, pastas, and grains; sauces, bread crumbs, soups, and add-ins; and stuff for decorating baked goods.

We also put a separate rack on another wall that holds spices, extracts, oils, and vinegars (my favorite part).

The pantry still didn't seem quite right, so we went out and about seeking some sort of solution to make it even more organized, and that's when we found the OXO Good Grips POP Containers at Crate & Barrel.

I bought some for flour and sugar, some for pasta, and some for chocolate chips and nuts. When CSN gave me the opportunity to review a product, I started thinking about how I could use even more of the containers to make the pantry even more neat and organized. So I ordered more for things like confectioners' sugar, brown sugar, different varieties or flour, and so on.

The containers come in all different sizes (all square- or rectangle-shaped), stack easily, and have tight seals, so they're perfect for keeping pantry items fresh. I can't recommend them enough. If you're looking for some sort of neat storage system, this is definitely the way to go. You can find the containers on CSNStores.com, at Crate & Barrel, at Williams-Sonoma, and on OXO.com.

I will also note that one of the containers I ordered had a crack in the bottom, and it was extremely easy to contact CSN Stores and procure a a replacement. It arrived within the same week that I reported the damaged container. I simply filled out a form online, someone called me to confirm what I needed, and CSN sent out the new container. I couldn't believe it was that easy.

How do you keep your pantry or food cabinets organized?