Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Last time my mom and I went to Freeport, Maine, we tried to chart out how long we've been going to Freeport, how many times we've been there, how many different bed and breakfasts we've stayed at there, and how many times we've stayed at Brewster House Bed & Breakfast.

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Our estimate was that we've been going to Freeport since 2000, the first visit being right after we moved all my stuff into my dorm at UConn my sophomore year. Since then we've gone up there one to three times each year, so we know we've gone at least 12 times but definitely more than that. We jotted down the names of all the B&Bs that popped into our heads: Three Sisters, Captain Brigg's, White Cedar Inn, The James Place Inn, and a few others, and we knew we'd stayed at the Harraseeket Inn as well, though that's not a B&B.

In 2008, we found Brewster House Bed & Breakfast and our B&B hopping ended. Since then we've gone back every year, sometimes more than once a year. Innkeepers Ruth and Scott Thomas purchased the B&B in 2006 and have since provided a clean, cheerful, welcome space. Over the years we've gotten to know them and feel so comfortable staying with them that their B&B is like a second home to us.

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

On our most recent visit we drove up on a Friday evening after work--like we normally do--stopped for dinner at Fore Street in Portland, arrived in Freeport and went straight to LL Bean for our late-night shopping tradition, and got to the inn after dark. (As long as we call ahead of time, Ruth and Scott make arrangements so we're able to get into our room even after they've gone to sleep. I think they're pretty used to our travel habits by now.)

We've stayed in a number of different rooms there, and this time we revisited the Cape Elizabeth room, which is right on the first floor and features cheerful yellow walls and and floral decor. The rooms have changed over the years as Ruth and Scott find things they think their guests will appreciate. Electric tea pots and mattress pads as well as flatscreen TVs are some of the newer additions we've noticed.

After a great night's sleep in our comfortable room, we awoke, got ready for our day of outlet shopping, and headed into the bright, cheery dining room for breakfast. Soon after we settled in at a table by the window, Scott came over and offered us tea. Scott and Ruth are always working to make things better for their guests and this time they were brewing loose leaf tea in addition to offering an array of tea bags to choose from. We opted for a pot of the Earl Grey loose leaf tea.

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Scott also poured us some juice. I went with the blueberry-pomegranate, and my mom had some of that mixed with orange juice.

We learned on this visit that Ruth keeps a file and notes what she serves us each time we come so we'll never get the same breakfast twice. This time she decided to try a new recipe on us: Merlot-poached plums with vanilla cream. We really enjoyed starting the meal with the sweet, soft plums and dollop of cream. Ruth asked us if we liked the plums and if there was anything she should change. I thought a little something crunchy on top (like granola or some sort of streusel) would take them over the top--maybe I was looking for a way to eat plum crisp for breakfast.

The fruit course was followed by a fresh, moist blueberry scone. I love having blueberry dishes when we're in Maine. (Ruth uses locally grown produce and free-range eggs whenever possible and makes everything from scratch.)

The main course was a leek and ham frittata, crispy bacon, and roasted asparagus. I thought the frittata was just wonderful, fluffy but not wet, with the right amount of cheese and filling ingredients. The bacon was crispy like I like it, and the asparagus was also done just right.

The breakfast fueled us for a day of shopping the Freeport outlets, getting pedicures, and going out to the movies. Then we spent another comfortable night at the inn.

In the morning we were treated to another one of Ruth's amazing breakfasts. We started with fresh fruit pavlovas. The crisp meringues just melt in your mouth and the fresh fruit and sweet cream are welcome complements.

The pavlovas were followed by caprese eggs, crispy bacon, and Bourbon French toast with maple-rum sauce. I found the caprese eggs really interesting. They were like baked poached eggs with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. The flavors were fantastic.

I'm not a huge fan of anything with a bread pudding-like texture, and this Bourbon French toast bordered on being a little too soft for me, but I couldn't stop eating it because the flavors were so wonderful. I especially loved the sweet maple-rum sauce.

Ruth and Scott recently put together a cookbook of Ruth's favorite recipes called Breakfast at 8. We couldn't leave without picking up a copy, and I'm really excited to make some of her great breakfast dishes at home now. Those pavlovas are definitely on my list, as are a spinach and feta frittata and cranberry-orange scones. Oh, and there are cookie recipes in the book too because Ruth always makes cookies that she leaves out for guests to snack on in the afternoon and evening. We usually grab a couple when we get back from shopping. She had some delicious white chocolate cranberry ones out during this visit.

Because we've been staying at Brewster House Bed & Breakfast for so many years, I can easily recommend that you check it out if you're ever looking for a place to stay with friendly hosts and amazing breakfasts in the Freeport area. And if you've never been to Freeport, I assure you it's a great town to visit, and I know Ruth and Scott can make some great recommendations for things to do and places to eat in the area.

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