Simple Arugula Salad

Simple arugula salad

I am seriously itching for spring and summer produce right now. A couple weekends ago, I convinced Jeff we should head over to Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, Mass., to see what they had. Of course we got there and they didn't have much on the shelves yet--it's still a bit early. I did manage to find some arugula, and I made a simple salad with it that will hopefully tide me over until the shelves are overflowing with freshly picked produce.

To make the salad, I simply washed and dried the arugula and placed it in a large bowl. I topped it with thinly sliced red onion. Then I squeezed some lemon over the greens and drizzled in some olive oil. I tossed the greens, topped them with quartered cherry tomatoes and shaved Parmesan cheese, and seasoned the whole thing with a little kosher salt.

Simple arugula salad with red onion

It definitely made for a light, springy salad. We had it along with some grilled pesto chicken and veggies.

What produce are you most looking forward to finding at your local farm stand or farmers' market?