Honeymoon -- Day 11 -- Rome (Evening)

Finishing our mission to try some pizza in every city we stayed in, we went to Pizzeria da Baffetto for dinner on our last night in Rome. It is a hopping little place and seems popular among both locals and tourists. We stood outside in line until a table was ready for us. The host almost skipped over us, but an Italian woman standing near us made sure he knew we were next.

Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

We sat down and I ordered a small pitcher of house wine, and then we debated what size pizzas to get. I ended up going with a small, and Jeff ordered a medium. We both got the Margherita this time.

Wine at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

From our table we could see the pizzaioli hard at work, stretching the dough and sliding the pizzas in and out of the oven.

Pizzaioli at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

Pizzaioli at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

Our pizzas arrived piping hot on metal sheet pans, not cut -- as we learned is typical with pizza in Italy. The crust was incredibly thin but somehow still chewy. The pizza was sauced just right and covered with cheesy goodness.

Pizza at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

Pizza at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

Jeff's pizza was so big it hung over the sides of the sheet pan.

Pizza at Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome, Italy

But that didn't stop him from eating the whole thing.

And I finished my whole pizza too. Rick Steve's definitely redeemed himself with this recommendation. The pizza was amazing and the atmosphere was really fun (though definitely a bit busy). Our waiter did try to overcharge us (we're still not sure whether it was accidental), so watch out for that. Otherwise, just go and be prepared for lines and really good pizza!

After dinner, we walked back in the direction of our hotel and stopped in to Il Gelato di San Crispino for our last gelati of the trip. This time I got the chocolate meringue gelato and pear sorbet. The chocolate meringue is actually vanilla gelato studded with chocolate chunks and pieces of meringue. It was good, but I think a rich chocolate gelato would have paired better with my pear sorbet, which I loved. (Jeff got his usual lemon sorbet.)

Chocolate meringue gelato and pear sorbet at Il Gelato di San Crispino, Rome, Italy

The next morning we got up, headed to the airport, and made the long flight home. Our trip was amazing. I wished we could have stayed in Italy much, much longer, and I hope we go back someday.

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