Honeymoon -- Day 9 -- Amalfi (Morning/Afternoon)

On the morning of October 17, there were boats running to Amalfi (they weren't running the day before due to wind), so we decided to head over there for part of the day. The boat ride is about 30 minutes and costs 8 euros per person. We thought it would be more fun, better for sightseeing (and frankly, less dangerous) than taking the bus.

Positano, Italy

We definitely got great views of Positano from out on the water.

Ferry from Positano to Amalfi

View from ferry from Positano to Amalfi

When we arrived in Amalfi, we had no plan and just followed the crowds. Once you get away from the docks, there are lots of little shops and restaurants to check out.

Amalfi, Italy

We wandered in and out of lots of shops, many carrying limoncello, rice, pasta, and chocolate.

Amalfi, ItalyAmalfi, Italy

Eventually, we went in search of lunch. We found a little place in the middle of one of the squares called La Piazzetta and opted to check Amalfi pizza off our list. Jeff went with his usual choice: Margherita. I was a little more daring and got the Amalfitana, which is basically a Margherita pizza with onions too. The pizzas had thick, soft crusts, and the sauce and tomatoes tasted amazing. When I saw the chef run out of the restaurant and across the square to a farm stand behind us to get some ingredients, I understood why.

Amalfitana pizza at La Piazzetta, Amalfi, Italy

We wandered around a little bit more, got terrible gelato that we threw out before finishing, and then boarded the ferry back to Positano.

Amalfi, ItalyAmalfi, Italy

Amalfi, ItalyAmalfi, Italy

It was a lot of fun to explore another town on the Amalfi Coast, but Amalfi wasn't a whole lot different from Positano. Positano seemed to have windier roads with everything convening down below at the docks, while Amalfi had more little squares that we'd happen upon as we wandered down narrow alleys between buildings. Otherwise, the two both have lots of restaurants, lots of shops, and small stretches of beach.

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