Paris Eats: Verjus Bar À Vins

Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

On our last night in Paris, we decided to see if we could get into the wine bar at Verjus. Verjus is (from what I've read) a popular Paris restaurant run by an American couple, and you need to make reservations in advance. We didn't really feel like being chained to being somewhere at a particular time so we skipped making reservations, but it turned out that we were able to head over to that area for a late dinner anyway. The wine bar, Verjus Bar à Vins, doesn't take reservations so we just walked up (after we walked by it a couple of times since there's really no signage) and got in line. We soon learned the reason for the line was a private party that was supposed to be ending at 8:30. We checked the time and it was already 8:45. The party wound down about 20 minutes later and we were able to snag two seats at the bar. While we waited outside, we got to know some other people in line and met some wine students at Le Cordon Bleu who were from Seattle, California, and, of all places, Brookline. (Small world.) It was fun chatting with them and getting some recommendations on what to order once we got inside. (The wine bar is one of their go-to spots for its interesting wine list and amazing food.)

Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

Being that we were at a wine bar, I started with a glass of wine, a Sancerre. We looked over the menu, which is all small plates -- just my thing -- and decided on some to share.

Glass of Sancerre at Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

The pork belly came out first. I am hesitant about ordering pork belly because I only like it when it's really crispy. Happily, this was. Crispy and unctuous and wonderful. It came with grilled and pickled chiles and spicy mayo.

Pork belly at Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

Then came the best fried chicken of our lives. Yes, in Paris. The buttermilk fried chicken was so moist inside and so crunchy on the outside. The little nuggets were intensely flavorful. I'd love to know what's in the coating. And I'm still regretting giving some of my share to Jeff (specifically that extra-crunchy piece at the top of the photo).

Fried chicken at Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

We shared a heaping pile of Joe's shoestring fries. Think potato sticks but homemade and so much better. I loved how thin and crispy they were. I think crispy was the theme for our choices that night.

Joe's shoestring fries at Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

Last we had the burrata mozzarella with country bread, Gaeta olives, red onions, wild greens, pesto, and coppa ham. So. Good. I loved having so many light, flavorful accompaniments with the rich, creamy burrata.

Burrata mozzarella at Verjus Bar a Vins, Paris

I would go back here in a heartbeat -- for the food and the cozy atmosphere. Sadly, I think it will be a while before we return to Paris, but in the meantime I have wonderful memories and mouthwatering photos of this amazing meal.

Is there somewhere you've eaten on a trip that you would return to in a heartbeat?