Guest Post: Fresh From New York's Union Square Farmer's Market

Baby eggplant $5/lb

My name is Christine. I write for Fresh Local and Best, which is a blog dedicated to discovery of good local ingredients at the farmers' market. 

I write mostly out of New York, where we are lucky to have several markets dotted throughout the city. My favorite is the Union Square Farmer's Market, which is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays year round, an inspiring commitment by growers especially over the dark, frigid months of winter.

Heirloom tomatoes, $4.50/lb

Often I visit very early in the morning, when the farmers are still setting up. The market is quiet and calm, and everyone is in a good mood. It provides an opportunity to speak with your farmers, learn about their growing practices, and most importantly the chance to connect closer to your food.

Blueberries $6/pint

My favorite part of visiting any farmers' market is discovering something new. It seems like each year there is something new and exciting to try, and the farmers' markets simply get better and better as the movement for local and sustainable continues to gain ground. All across the nation, people are rediscovering the fresh flavors, textures, and varieties of produce as heirloom breeds reemerge out of obscurity.

Heirloom tomatoes 

Fresh coriander seeds, $2.50 per bunch 

This year I discovered fresh coriander seeds at Gorzynski Ornery Farm, which make a dish come alive with their exotic spicy flavors. I used these coriander seeds in a green curry.

Fennel Pollen, $2.50/bunch

Also from Gorzynski Ornery Farm was fresh fennel pollen that could be used to create a rub for a pork roast, which adds a hint of licorice flavor. 

Scotch Bonnet chili, $5/lb

Kirby cucumbers $2/lb

Wherever I go in the world, I look forward to visiting the local markets because it tells me so much about their way of life, it tells me about their land, climate, seasons, culture, and the root of certain dishes.

I receive so much inspiration from the farmers' market that I can't help but attempt to capture the simple beauty of the colors, blushes, and shapes of fruits and vegetables displayed. Being surrounded by fragrant and gorgeous produce is invigorating to me, it awakens my senses and feeds my curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

 Sweet corn, 5 for $2

 Peaches, $5/lb

Heirloom tomatoes from Windfall Farms, $5/pint

Multicolored radishes from Paffengroth Farms, $1/bunch

Everything is just so stunning in its natural beauty.

 Green zebras, $4.50/lb

Rocambole garlic from Keith's Organic Farms, $2/bulb

Fresh garlic, $1/bulb

Fresh herbs from Keith's Organic Farms $2/bunch

Thanks for coming to visit the Union Square Farmer's Market with me. I hope you learned a few things about our part of the world here in New York and that you also have a greater  appreciation of the farmers' market near you.

From Megan: Christine is my first guest poster. I really hope you enjoyed reading her post. I love her blog, pictures, and writing, so I was thrilled that she wanted to write a post for me on a topic I've been getting more and more into this summer. If you have time, check out more from Christine at Fresh Local and Best!