Watermelon, Feta, And Heirloom Tomato Salad

Taking the best of summer's offerings, this salad combines sweet watermelon and ripe tomatoes with briny feta. Top it all off with a lemon-basil dressing, and you've got one refreshing, punched-up salad.

For the salad you'll need: 1/4 of a small red watermelon, 1/4 of a small yellow watermelon (optional, but I like the splash of color it adds), 2 heirloom tomatoes,  and a small block of feta.

Slice each component thinly and cut each slice into triangles. To save time, you can also just cut chunks, but I like that the thin slices allow you to put a piece of a each component on your fork at the same time so you can taste all the flavors together.

For the dressing: Whisk together 1 minced garlic clove with 3 tablespoons of O Citrus Champagne Vinegar. Slowly whisk in 1/4 cup of your favorite olive oil and 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh basil. Season with salt and pepper.

You can make a dinner salad for one, first course salads for two, or appetizers for a small crowd. Layer the triangles on a plate or plates, and top them with lemon-basil dressing.

What do you think of incorporating watermelon into a savory dish?

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I have kind of a big post coming tomorrow -- life changes, you could say. It's very important to me, so I invite you all to come back and read it and share your thoughts.


  1. This dish looks so beautiful. I love how you composed it in layers! Looking forward to tomorrow's blog post!

  2. This is one combo that I have yet to try. I love watermelon and don't mind it all in a savory dish! I love this. And can't wait to hear your announcement - hope everything is OK with you and that the announcement is a 'good' thing.

  3. This looks beautiful! Looking forward to tomorrows.

  4. I think incorporating watermelon into a savory dish is a wonderful idea (it's the only way I'll eat fruit...lol)

    So easy and summery...looks delicious!

  5. Love how you cut everything on an angle. It just gives the whole meal a different twist! Looks great!

  6. Beautiful! I have never tried mixing fruit and tomatoes, but I see that combination with some frequency these days. I should try to wrap my head around it!

  7. What a gorgeous summer salad! I'm a big fan of watermelon in general, savory or sweet :)

  8. Hi Megan! I love using watermelons in salads. I make a watermelon salad using feta, grape tomatoes, and baby arugula. I reduce honey and balsamic vinegar together and drizzle on top for a dressing. It's scrumptious! I will have to try your dressing to mix it up.

  9. This is so original and fabulous. It could definitely impress some dinner guests ; )


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