Easter Sunday On The Cape

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter (or a wonderful Sunday if you don't celebrate Easter)! We sure did! Jeff and I got up bright and early on Sunday morning and headed down to the Cape to meet up with my family (who drove up from CT). Both of my sisters were home from school (one from Pittsburgh and one from Ithaca), so it was especially nice to see them, along with my parents, my little brother, and the dogs. We spent the day coloring eggs, playing games, and, of course, feasting. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Pictures say it best, so here goes...

I love that first glimpse of the Bourne Bridge on the way to the Cape.

Bourne Bridge

The Easter Bunny brought me a little something!
Can't wait to try the dark chocolate balsamic vinegar.

Let the egg coloring begin!

So proud of our handiwork

Playing cards

Easter ham

Potato pave

Mud turtle cupcakes

My sister's birthday was last Tuesday so we celebrated that too.
She was actually born on Easter morning... 19 years ago.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.
We made our way back to Boston in the rain and traffic.
I had such a great time visiting with my family and taking in a little sunshine. We don't really have anywhere to sit outside and just chill, so I always appreciate being able to go either of our parents' houses or to the Cape, where we can do that.

We've got a fridge stocked with leftovers as well as a split pea soup my mom threw together for me, using the ham bone. We also have a lot of hardboiled eggs to eat!

What was your favorite part of the weekend?