Scenes From CupcakeCamp Boston

In spite of the dreary, wet weather yesterday, cupcake fans came out in droves to take part in the event known as CupcakeCamp Boston. The line was out the door! I had a feeling this might happen, so I made sure Jeff and I got there on the early side. We got right in, and I ran around snapping pictures of as many cupcakes as I could before I gave up and dug in.

All of the professional bakers set up right in the middle of the room, the tables for the amateur bakers surrounded the outside of the room, and King Arthur Flour had a demo table set up on stage.

We tried to have some sort of system for sampling the cupcakes, but as the room grew more crowded, it became more difficult to stay on track, and we found ourselves going from one corner of the room to another in search of any cupcakes we had missed that we wanted to try.

Mix Bakery
We Make Cupcakes

VCVC Cupcakes

cupcake MoJo
Strawberry Margarita cupcake - one of my favorites!

Everyone was buzzing about Beantown Baker's Frito cupcakes! 
Whole Foods' Two-Bite Cupcakes

The Chocolate Tarte
The chocolate cupcake was another of my favorites!

CupcakeCamp, which was held at the Armory building in Somerville, Mass., this year was sponsored by King Arthur Flour. The event was free to the public, with the hope that everyone would make a $5 donation to Lovin' Spoonfuls. It was an evening filled with sweets and friends, and I'm so glad we went!

What's your favorite cupcake?