Black Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

Black raspberry swirl ice cream

This post is all about the black raspberry swirl because I already taught you how to make vanilla ice cream. You can make the recipe I posted or make your own favorite recipe. Then when you remove your ice cream from your ice cream maker, simply layer it in a bowl with spoonfuls of the black raspberry mixture.

Black Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream (adapted from The Perfect Scoop)


1 1/2 cups black raspberries (not blackberries)
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon vodka

Vanilla ice cream custard, ready to be churned


At least 1 hour before churning the vanilla ice cream custard in an ice cream maker, mash the black raspberries with the sugar and vodka.

Chill the mixture and let it macerate until ready to use or at least 1 hour.

Finish preparing the vanilla ice cream by churning the custard in an ice cream maker.

Layer the ice cream in a bowl with the black raspberry swirl mixture.

Serve in your favorite ice cream dishes!

Black raspberry swirl ice cream

Black raspberries are not very easy to find. We've been searching for them for months... just to make black raspberry ice cream. When I finally found some at the Charles Square Farmers' Market a couple of weeks ago, I  immediately snagged two pints. After reviewing some recipes, I realized I had to make black raspberry swirl rather than black raspberry ice cream because I would need 6 cups of black raspberries to make black raspberry ice cream. I loved the swirl ice cream, but Jeff really wanted the fruit integrated with the ice cream, so we put the leftover swirl ice cream in the food processor and turned it into a black raspberry ice cream that was really good but didn't have the strong black raspberry flavor one would want in the ice cream. Just wait 'til I get my hands on 6 cups of these guys!

Have you had black raspberries? How about black raspberry ice cream?