Farmers' Market Finds Weekly Roundup, July 24

I feel like all of you missed my farmers' market finds last week (perhaps because I posted on a Friday night?). I found an ingredient that until now has proven very difficult to find, and I bought some chocolate bars for a good cause (and a good future dessert). If you missed the post and have a couple minutes free, I'd love it if you'd go see what I found.

And now onto this week's finds...

Bianca from Confessions of a Chocoholic wrote an informative post about 3 Little Figs, a mobile bakery. Bianca also recently wrote about Q's Nuts, which can be found at several local farmers' markets, including the Charles Squares Farmers' Market.

Brandi from Bran Appetit found a whole bunch of produce at the Blacksburg Farmers' Market in Virginia.

In this picture: corn, okra, cucumbers, peaches and nectarines, blueberries, and wineberries! (I've never heard of wineberries before... I'm kind of curious.)

Josh from Mange-moi made his last visit to the Roslindale Farmers' Market a memorable one. He turned his finds into a brunch I would have loved to have eaten and also made an incredible poached egg using a nontraditional method.

If you have farmers' market finds, feel free to send them my way.

Happy Saturday! What are you up to? I'm off to Wrentham to spend the day with a good friend!