Farmers' Market Finds: Do You Want To Participate?

I love sharing my farmers' market finds with you on Saturday mornings and filling you in later on in the week about what I made with them. I love it so much that I was thinking it would be really fun to feature your farmers' market finds and creations too. Are you interested?

Here's what you can do to be included in the weekly Farmers' Market Finds Roundup:

  • Email me a picture of your farmers' market, and tell me where it is.
  • Email me a picture of what you bought and give me a list of the items in the picture.
  • If you have a blog and you already share your farmers' market finds and creations there, send me the link to a recent post about what you bought and/or made and a picture if possible.
  • Update: CSAs, home gardens, etc., are all eligible too. Just submit pics of what you got or picked or share pictures or links to recipes you made with your delivieries or pickings.
If you do any of the above by Friday night each week, I'll feature your stuff and give a little shout out to you and your farmers' markets on Saturday mornings of the weeks you submit something.

I'm really looking for fresh, new content each week, so I'd rather that you didn't send me a link to a really old blog post, and I'd love pictures from your recent farmers' market trips because I'd love for everyone who stops by to check out the roundup to see what's in season where they live.

Sound good?

As soon as you're ready to join in, just email me your contributions!

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