Ruth Reichl's Peach Cobbler

I was so excited because it seemed that Ruth Reichl and I were on the same wavelength again. But then my sister asked if I thought it might have something do with us both using seasonal ingredients. Way to burst my bubble! I guess that's exactly why we, coincidentally, had four peaches on hand just when Ruth posted a recipe for peach cobbler using four peaches.

I was so pleased with the way Ruth's simple recipe for blueberry muffins turned out that I immediately convinced my mom and sister that we needed to make her peach cobbler for dessert on Sunday evening.

I sliced peaches (but did not peel them as the recipe directed -- no need for that) and stirred them up with some sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch.

My mom mixed together the cobbler topping. Ruth's recipe says to plop the dough onto the peaches, but our topping was more crumbly than "ploppable." We just went with it.

Then we were supposed to sprinkle sugar on top. I just so happened to have some raspberry cane sugar that my mom had brought me back from her recent trip to California.

I thought the raspberry sugar would pair well with the peaches and sprinkled that right on top.

We baked the cobbler for half an hour, until the peaches were hot and bubbly and the topping was lightly browned.

The cobbler came out as more of a cross between a cobbler and a crisp, but we all loved it with a scoop of ice cream. Even Jeff, who'd rather have apples than peaches in a dish of this sort, gave it a try.

It was warm and comforting and really showcased the ripe peaches. And the topping was both crunchy and soft. It was perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For the complete recipe, see Ruth Reichl's blog.

What have you made with peaches recently? What's your favorite peach dish?