Guest Post: A Recap Of Our Wedding

From Meghan of Travel, Wine, and Dine...

Congratulations, Megan and Jeff! 

How do you recap a wedding in a single blog post? It’s virtually impossible to wrap up all of the wonderful moments of Megan and Jeff’s October 6, 2012 wedding in just a few photos and words, but I am honored to have the opportunity to try.

The setting: Megan and Jeff’s autumn wedding was held at The Estate at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA, which, in addition to being a gorgeous venue for events, is a working farm with a CSA, and a property with a lake and hiking trails, as early bird wedding guests Daisy and I discovered. The day itself was a little cloudy which only made the greens and early-fall reds, yellows, and oranges pop. 

The incredible outdoor space lent itself to every aspect of the wedding from the ceremony, held in front of a little red tea house, to the lake-front cocktail hour, to the tented reception, complete with a path made of twinkling candles in mason jars, lighting the way later in the evening. 

The details: I could write an entire post on the tiny details that made Megan and Jeff’s wedding so spectacular. I knew, from behind the scenes, all of the planning that they put into this magical day, and it was fun to see it all come together.

A fall-themed, farm-to-table menu with food from local sources, including from Moraine Farm, was delicious from start to finish. Tiny cups of pumpkin soup, oysters garnished with tart apples, an unforgettable salad with pears and goat cheese, and entrees that reflected the season (including out-of-this world spaghetti squash and some of the most tender pork I have ever tried) made for a filling and memorable meal for all.

And, of course, because we all know Megan loves dessert, there was a sweet display of mini desserts like s’mores tartlets, cupcakes, and donuts, the final (and to some, most important) course not to be outdone by the rest of the beautiful food.

The love: Setting, decorations, food, and music all made for a fun night for wedding guests, but of course, the most special part of the day was the love. From the moment we first saw Megan and Jeff until we said goodbye, they did not stop smiling. Megan even noted during the reception that her face hurt from smiling, which made me smile even more. 

Even when a little sprinkle came down during their ceremony, their faces were lit up with joy and love, and we were all in the moment, fully witnessing the commitment they made to one another. 

Everyone had a blast celebrating the love of these two fantastic people, dancing until the last possible minute, our faces and feet weary in the best way possible. 

They met as neighbors, thanks to a chocolate lab puppy, and they left Moraine Farm as husband and wife, surrounded by love and support and ready for a much-deserved Italian getaway. I am thrilled for them (very jealous!) and looking forward to many years of friendship, food, and fun with them. 

Please join me in congratulating the happy newlyweds!