Honeymoon -- Day 2 -- Venice (Morning)

On October 10th, we awoke early, enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at our hotel (croissants and espresso for me and pancetta, cereal, cappuccino, and blood orange juice for Jeff), and headed out to start our day at the Accademia.

On the way we walked through a market. This was the first of many moments during our trip when I wished I had a kitchen so I could buy stuff at the market and bring it back to cook it.

I tore myself away from the fresh fish, meats, and produce, and we continued on toward the museum.

The Accademia features Venetian Renaissance art. Many of the paintings use gold leaf and have a Madonna and child subject matter. (It brought me back to my high school art history class, remembering my teacher clicking through slide after slide.) A few paintings show some of the sights in Venice, and it was interesting to see these after having seen them in real life the day before. (Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures inside the gallery.)

After the Accademia we switched gears a little and went to see some more modern art at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Paintings by Picasso and Pollock, among others, are housed in Peggy's former palazzo, and sculptures can be found in and around the museum. Photography (without flash) is allowed, and the museum has a lighter, more fun feel to it.

After perusing the collection, we stopped at the museum cafe for a pick-me-up.

Jeff had a cappuccino, and I ordered a cafe latte because I liked the glass it came in.

Then we shared a chocolate croissant filled with Nutella. This croissant was more bread-like, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Next up: Day 2 -- Venice (Afternoon)