My Bachelorette Weekend On The Cape

Cape Cod

I've been going to Cape Cod with my family (and often with friends too) for as long as I can remember. I've spent whole weeks there during the summer, heading to the beach and riding on the bike trails. I've spent the 4th of July watching the fireworks in P-Town. And I've spent cozy Columbus Day weekends there, bundled in a sweatshirt, still sitting on the beach, playing board games, and watching the sun set on the water. So the Cape is incredibly special to me. It feels like a home away from home. I thought about getting married there, but Jeff doesn't have all the years of memories there like I do, so instead, I thought it would be the perfect spot for my bachelorette party.

I wanted a simple bachelorette party filled with beach time, good food, and good friends, and that is exactly what I got. My mom rented a house in Eastham for a couple of weeks back in July and generously gave up her first weekend there so I could have my bachelorette party there. And my friends, sisters, and soon-to-be sister-in-law threw me an absolutely perfect bachelorette party.

On Friday night, I stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in Falmouth with my family, and then on Saturday morning, my sisters and I got up, got on the road, stopped for pedicures, and then parked ourselves at a table at Hot Chocolate Sparrow, where we waited to meet up with the rest of the ladies.

Hot Chocolate Sparrow, Orleans, Mass.

After everyone battled the inevitable Cape traffic and fueled up on caffeine, we drove over to drop our stuff off at the house.

Cape Cod

We made a quick stop at Mac's Market to order some lobsters for later, and then we headed into Wellfleet for lunch. Most places weren't open until dinner time, but we were able to grab a table at the Bookstore & Restaurant, a familiar spot. I've often sat outside here and eaten oysters and sipped Bloody Marys. Unfortunately, there were no outside spots big enough for our group, but we did get a table upstairs by the windows overlooking the water. We shared a few appetizers and then rushed off to the beach.

Bookstore & Restaurant, Wellfleet, Mass.

Marconi was right down the road, and it's my go-to beach on that part of the Cape, so that's where we went. We descended the crazy number of stairs down to the sand below and staked out a spot.

Marconi Beach, Cape Cod

We were there just after the shark sighting at Nauset Beach, so we were keeping an eye out for seals and actually saw one! (It's that black speck out in the water.) We did not see any sharks.

Marconi Beach, Cape Cod

We stayed for a while and then it was time to pick up our lobsters, so we scooped them up on the way back to the house. My friends made a great dip and some drinks to kick off the evening. My signature bachelorette party drink consisted of St-Germain, Chambord, and prosecco -- do these girls know me or what?

Bread and dip

And then they went about preparing dinner, and they wouldn't let me do anything except sip my drink and relax! (That was really difficult for me.) We had lobsters, steamers, salad, corn on the cob, rice, and grilled marinated steak. It was quite the feast!



Corn on the cob and salad

Some gift opening followed dinner. Everyone was so thoughtful and so generous, not to mention funny. (But that's all I'm going to tell you about that. There have to be some secrets.)

And then no party is complete without dessert in my opinion, so we gathered around the fire pit out back, where my sister expertly started a fire. And we roasted marshmallows for s'mores. There were Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Bars, and this was when I discovered how amazing pb cups are on s'mores. Try it, seriously.

Making s'mores

The next morning, my sisters went to The Hole in One, a little doughnut shop that makes fresh, hand-cut doughnuts, and brought back doughnuts and coffee for everyone. I apologize that there are no pictures of my chocolate-frosted doughnut, but I can assure you it was delicious!

After breakfast, it was back to the beach! Almost all of us braved the water this time. It was soooo cold, but it was really hot out, so we kept needing to jump in to cool off.

After spending the morning on the beach, we grabbed sandwiches at Box Lunch. I had an awesome BLBLT. That's a Box Lunch BLT. It was made on a wrap and had plenty of crisp lettuce and bacon inside, along with ripe red tomatoes.

Box Lunch, Cape Cod

Then we sadly packed up and set off toward home.

I enjoyed every minute of my bachelorette weekend, and I owe it all to these lovely ladies. They are amazing. Thank you guys for making the weekend so special (and for all the pictures)! (And a big thank you to Max for being the best -- and cutest -- party crasher ever!)

I'm getting married in 5 days!!!