Farmers' Market Finds, June 19

This morning we woke up without the assistance -- or annoyance -- of any alarms. It was nice to just wake up when I was ready to wake up instead of when I had to be up. We put a very excited chocolate Lab on his leash and made the sluggish walk to Central Square for some Starbucks. One grande caramel machiatto (for Jeff) and one iced grande soy cinnamon dolce latte (for me) later, we were much more awake and energized -- and able to keep up with the eager puppy. Well-caffeinated, we walked back toward Inman Square, where we live, and into Union Square to check out the Saturday morning farmers' market.

It's becoming a habit for me to stop at Iggy's and get a cranberry pecan roll for my breakfast. I'm pretty much obsessed with them. After that I wander around to the different stands and decide what I want to buy that week. I found a bunch of great produce today that I plan to use in some upcoming recipes.




Golden beets

Chioggia beets!
I'm so excited for these. I've never found them anywhere before.

What would you make with these farmers' market finds? What have you picked up lately at your farmers' market?

Happy Saturday!

(I have to give Jeff credit for all these great photos! He's the better photographer, and he has the better camera.)