Farmers' Market Finds, June 26

Today's farmers' market theme was green and gold -- and not on purpose. I just wandered around as usual grabbing some of this and some of that. I was really drawn to squash this week and bought a couple unusual ones.

Globe zucchini


Summer squash
Okay, so these are pretty normal.

I also selected some broccoli to have as a side with one of our dinners this week and some cucumbers and carrots to add to a salad.


Diva cucumbers

Yellow carrots
I was told these are more mild than the orange variety. I'll let you know!

I was disappointed that I couldn't really find any tomatoes at any of the stands, and I didn't move fast enough to grab one of the two remaining containers of cherry tomatoes at Kimball's stand. The woman there told me they would have tomatoes starting the third week of July and would continue to have cherry tomatoes each week. That's good news for me because I'm actually working the next two Saturdays and can't go to the farmers' market, but when I can finally go again, there will be tomatoes!

I also picked up a little cheese! Have you heard of Fiore Di Nonno? I didn't know much about them until they "friended" me on Facebook last week. Since then, I've been reading mouthwatering status updates about their mozzarella and burrata. They make their mozzarella fresh daily. I knew I had to stop by their booth at the farmers' market this morning. I sampled some of their mozzarella -- it tasted so fresh and salty! And then I bought some roasted garlic and onion burrata to try this week. They also have a fig jam burrata and a za'atar burrata. I might have to try a different kind next time!

What did you get at the farmer's market this week? What would you make with these farmers' market finds?

Have a great day! Now, I've got to go make us some breakfast -- or I guess at this point I should say brunch!

(Photo credits to Jeff)