The Bahamas (Oasis Of The Seas Destination Three)

Our last destination was my favorite: The Bahamas. We arrived in the afternoon, which was kind of nice because I sat outside reading and saw when we pulled in, as opposed to our other destinations, which we arrived at while I was still in bed.

We gathered our stuff and got off the boat as soon as we were allowed, and quickly decided to head over to Atlantis on Paradise Island.

We took the most entertaining 8-minute ferry ride, during which we learned about Nicholas Cage's house in the Bahamas, which he doesn't need to worry about losing because there are no taxes in the Bahamas. We also learned about a suite of rooms that Michael Jackson stayed in that goes for $25,000 a night with a 4-night minimum. Our entertainer told us it's booked for five years out so we have plenty of time to save our $100,000. Good thing I'm not a Michael Jackson fan. I'd only stay there if someone paid me the $100,000!

When our entertainer pointed out Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, we all cheered. (It was still the largest when we went on it. Allure of the Seas, now the largest, set sail the following week.)

Soon enough, we arrived at our destination. We wandered around for a bit checking out the sights and the shops.

We tried, unsuccessfully, to go to the beach. The surf was way too rough.

So we settled for Starbucks instead.

We took another entertaining ferry ride back and headed back onto the boat. The tough thing about cruising is you usually don't have very much time in any one place. You just get a small glimpse. After getting a glimpse of the Bahamas, I know I want to go back someday.

Besides a little bad weather, we really had a great time on the cruise. We got to see some beautiful islands, eat a lot of fabulous food, and spend tons of quality time together.

Have you ever been on a cruise?