St. Maarten (Oasis Of The Seas Destination Two)

When we arrived on St. Maarten, we decided to take an island tour by taxi and then spend the rest of the day on the beach. We piled into a cab with 8 other people and thought we were starting our island tour, but our cab driver realized she didn't have batteries for her microphone, so she pulled into the parking lot at the local grocery store and bought some batteries. I couldn't help thinking about what someone in Boston or New York would have done if their driver ran errands while they were trying to get somewhere.

When we finally got going, we drove through some of the cities on the Dutch side and then stopped to take photos.

And then we traveled on to the French side. We had 30 minutes to spend in Marigot, and I dragged everyone around in search of croissants. Jeff doesn't seem as excited as I was!

Once we found the cafe, we had just enough time for a quick lunch, and my mom and I got a baguette with salami to share.

For dessert she and Jeff got croissants, and I got a chocolate croissant. My dad had loaded up on the breakfast buffet on the ship and wasn't hungry for lunch yet.

The croissants were worth searching for!

After our lunch we headed to the beach. Orient Beach is known for being one of the nicest beaches on the French side, but it's also one of those nude beaches where you wish the people who were nude would just put some clothes on.

After we had soaked up enough sun (or tried to since it was pretty overcast again), we headed back toward the ship. Jeff and I spotted a woman making crepes and decided it was time for another snack. We had tasted food on the French side so it was only right to have something on the Dutch side too to even it out.

Jeff put caramel, cinnamon, and sugar in his crepe.

I went for Nutella and bananas.

After our "little" snack, it was time to get back onboard the ship.

We said goodbye to St. Maarten.

And later on, we set sail for the Bahamas.