Preserving Our Vacation With A Little Help From Kodak

Do you take lots of pictures when you go on trips or attend family gatherings? I tend to go on trips or attend events, take tons of pictures, post them on my blog or Facebook, and never do much else with them. This age of digital cameras has really changed me from the times I would get my film developed, sort through pictures, and piece together albums. Now Kodak has sort of bridged that gap with its photobooks and SmartFit technology. Have you tried them yet?

Kodak recently sent me a $50 gift card to use toward the purchase of a photobook. The timing could not have been better. We have so many pictures from our cruise, and I think it will be great to have a physical book filled with all those pictures.

During the past week Jeff and I have been sorting through all those cruise pictures and laying them out in an online photobook. It was so easy to do.

First, we chose what size book we wanted and what cover we wanted.

Then we uploaded all of the photos we thought we wanted to use.

Then the SmartFit technology automatically spread them out throughout the pages of our book. We deleted the ones we changed our minds about and rearranged some others in an order that was meaningful to us (as opposed to the default by-date-taken order).

Once we had all the pictures where we wanted them, we switched from the multi-page view to the single-page view. Here we were able to play around with tilting our pictures, selecting colored backgrounds, and adding captions.

I can't wait to get the physical photo book in the mail! I kind of want to go back and do a book for our first vacation together too.

You could put together a photo book for anything... a vacation, a holiday gathering, a birthday party, a bridal shower... and these photobooks would also make great gifts! 

What would you make a photo book for?