Lunch At Eastern Standard

During the weekend before Christmas while Jeff and I were out in the Fenway area shopping at West Elm for a new duvet and finishing some last-minute Christmas shopping at the Yawkey Way Store, we decided to head to Eastern Standard for lunch.

Eastern Standard, Boston, Mass.

This ended up being the perfect place to relax and recuperate from shopping and walking around in the cold. The service, food, and atmosphere were so impressive that I jokingly suggested we have our wedding reception there.

We had been on a streak lately of getting really horrible service, and I'm happy to say that Eastern Standard broke that streak. Our waitress was phenomenal. She was attentive and timely and graciously brought us a dinner menu when we asked if we could look one over just to check out the offerings. For me, the service can usually make or break my dining experience.

Shortly after we placed our order, a basket of bread was brought to the table. I was happy to see an assortment of fresh rolls inside. We nibbled on these while we waited for our meals and assessed our Christmas shopping status.

Jeff got the grilled cheese sandwich -- Vermont cheddar cheese on rye -- and added bacon to it.

It came with thin, well-seasoned fries -- I know because I snitched some.

Since it was still technically fall when we went, the pumpkin ravioli immediately caught my eye. I scanned the whole menu just to make sure there wasn't anything more enticing to me at that moment and ordered the ravioli.

It ended up being an excellent choice.

The soft pasta pillows came filled with pumpkin and accompanied by brussels sprout leaves, pecorino, a walnut pesto, and mushrooms.

I loved every bite. The flavors and textures varied but complemented each other well. It was both sweet and salty, a combination I enjoy. I highly recommend this dish.

After our lovely lunch at Eastern Standard and our perusal of the dinner menu, we vowed to go back and have dinner at some point. I especially want to go back because I was too full after lunch to try the chocolate hazelnut terrine, a dessert I'm sure I would love. Oh, and I need to try some of ES' cocktails too, which are always getting rave reviews.

Have you been to Eastern Standard? What did you think?

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