Crema Cafe Does Special Occasion Catering

Crema Cafe, Cambridge, Mass.

I was recently invited to a party at Crema Cafe to celebrate and promote the launch of the cafe's new catering service for special occasions. Since Crema Cafe opened in 2008, it has been serving creative beverages and fresh goodies in the Harvard Square area. Owners Marley Brush and Liza Shirazi and Pastry Chefs Meghan Coleman and Gwen Rogers all love parties, cakes, and special occasions and decided to branch out beyond the cafe to help you make your next special occasion, well, special.

The ladies came up with sweets, cakes, and sweet tables and put a bunch of them on display for us to check out during the launch party. Here's just a sampling of what I saw and ate...

Spiced Nuts and Key Lime Pie French Macarons

Spicy Chocolate Macarons

Lime Candies & Smoked Sea Salt Candies and Favors

Tequila-Lime Cake

And slices of it for us to try!

Another table offered sweet treats in shades of pink, perfect for a wedding or engagement party!

Mini Fruit Tarts, PB&J French Macarons, Vanilla French Macarons, Lemon & Raspberry Cream Dacquoise
(It wasn't really dacquoise because there was no meringue layer. It was still delicious though!)

Banana Split Whoopie Pies
(I'm not usually a fan of whoopie pies, but this was amazing!)

Favors and Macaron Trees

Upstairs we found even more display tables with even more treat options.

Pretzel Bites 
in flavors ranging from za'atar to Gruyere to salted chocolate

Pretzel Bites and Chocolate-Peanut Truffle Pops

Assortment of Croissants (plain, chocolate, and spinach and feta) and slices of Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Raspberry Marshmallows and Rose And Lavender Lollipops


The highlights of the night for me were the pretzel bites, especially the salted chocolate; the banana split whoopie pies; and the croissants. I thought the macaron flavors were really creative, but I wished they were chewier. The table setups were all really well thought out and coordinated, and the take-home favors on each were a nice touch.

If you have a special event coming up, the ladies at Crema Cafe are happy to work with you to put together sweet tables or make cakes and goodies for the party of your dreams.

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