Making Crepes At Dore Creperie

Have you heard of Dore Creperie yet? Dore Creperie is actually a pop-up creperie. It opened in June at 1 Beacon Street in Boston and will only be there until November. So get 'em while they're hot!

The creperie features both sweet and savory crepes and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you want to go beyond just chowing down on crepes and learn the art of crepe making, you can take a class, which is exactly what a few other bloggers and I did a few weeks ago. We started off learning about the history of crepes -- while sipping indulgent Nutella milkshakes -- and then we moved on to sampling crepes.

The first crepe we tried was a traditional Roman crepe, filled with figs, honey, nuts, and a sprinkling of salt.

Then we sampled a plain buckwheat crepe just to get a sense of the difference between that and the regular savory batter. It took us a little adjusting because it wasn't seasoned at all, but we all eventually appreciated it for what it was.

The guys at Dore Creperie took the buckwheat crepe base and concocted a Brittany crepe, which has an egg, some salt, and a tomato-onion mixture.

Suddenly that plain, simple buckwheat crepe had a lot of flavor... and a nice runny egg.

After the savory crepes, we tried one of the popular dessert combinations: Nutella and strawberries.

The crepe was incredibly rich and the perfect dessert after those savory crepes.

Finally, it was time to get in the kitchen and learn how to make our own crepes. We mixed up the batter according to owner Greg's instructions, and then we learned how to spread the batter on the hot stones and how to flip and fill our crepes.

Lin pours the egg mixture in the mixer

Elina adds just the right amount of butter

Elina whisks together the egg mixture and the flour

My first attempt!

And all folded up

After we got the basics down, we rummaged the ingredients in the kitchen and whipped up some interesting combinations.

We had a lot of fun learning about and making crepes, and we all got to take sweet and savory crepe batter home with us too.

Be sure to check out Dore Creperie if you have a crepe craving or are itching to learn to make crepes!

This class was free, but as always, my opinions are my own.