29 Things

Some of my friends have made 30-by-30 lists in their 29th years, which is a fun idea, but I wasn't that motivated. I know myself -- I make resolutions every year and never follow through with them. However, looking back over my 29th year, I realized that a lot of great things happened and I had some noteworthy accomplishments, so I thought it might be fun to make a list of 29 things that happened while I was 29.

  1. A couple days after I turned 29, I trekked up to Vermont to take some baking classes at King Arthur Flour with a group of Boston bloggers, many of whom are now some of my closest friends. The bakers at King Arthur Flour even made me a birthday cake! I think I'll look back fondly on that trip for the rest of my life. 
  2. In October, my blog turned three years old. I can't believe I kept up with it that long and that it's rounding the bend to four very soon.
  3. I got to spend another fabulous Columbus Day weekend on Cape Cod. This has been a family tradition for at least 15 years now.
  4. I threw a 40th birthday party for Jeff!
  5. The week before our three-year dating anniversary, Jeff proposed and we got engaged!!!
  6. I got to meet Amanda Hesser!
  7. I hosted a fabulous potluck with some equally fabulous friends.
  8. I got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice, once with Jeff's family and once with my family.
  9. I went on a cruise to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and the Bahamas!
  10. I was a runner-up in the Olivia's Organics Healthier Holiday Recipe Contest with my Thanksgiving dinner salad. I won lots of coupons to use for free Olivia's Organics greens!
  11. I made pretzel rolls for the first time and am officially obsessed with them. I just bought some pretzel salt at King Arthur Flour, so I'm sure I'll be making them again soon.
  12. I learned how to make challah and blintzes from my future mother-in-law. I still need to try making them on my own so I can share those recipes with you guys.
  13. I finally went to Fore Street and spent some time in Portland, Maine, with my mom on our way to Freeport for our annual shopping trip.
  14. I experienced a pop-up restaurant for the first time.
  15. We picked out our wedding venue and set a date!
  16. We picked out our wedding photographer!
  17. We celebrated Gunner's 4th birthday!
  18. My sister Martyann has been running track since high school, but I've never been home to see her meets. When she had a meet at BU, I finally got to watch one!
  19. I got to take a cooking class with Chef Vosika at the Four Seasons, and I even volunteered to break down a chicken. (I hate touching chicken.)
  20. I made French macarons that actually came out right!
  21. I went back to the Cape again to celebrate Easter with my family. It's so hard getting home to Connecticut for holidays like Easter because of all the travel time, so it's nice that my family was able to come up to the Cape so much this past year.
  22. I spent a week vacationing in Aruba -- this was some much-needed relaxation time!
  23. I got to cheer on my sister Lindsay as she finished grad school, interviewed for jobs, got the one she wanted, and moved across the country!
  24. I watched one of my good friends get married and spent some time in Quechee, Vermont.
  25. We designed and customized our wedding invitations. (Mindy is so great to work with. She really helped us create invitations that were unique and reflected the two of us.)
  26. I got my dream job!!! In mid-August I quit my job of five-plus years. I now edit recipes and food-related content and sample food all day every day! (Here's a picture from my first day.)
  27. I gave myself a week off in between jobs, and it was exactly what I needed to recharge and rejuvenate.
  28. I bought my wedding dress! (I found it at Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth, NH, and I highly recommend this dress shop. Ask for McKenzie if you go -- she's awesome!)
  29. I experienced my first earthquake. It was nothing to write home about but still pretty cool once I realized what was going on.
29 has been an absolutely incredible year. I can't believe all the amazing things that happened in my life. Goodbye 29... tomorrow I turn 30.

Oh, and a happy birthday shoutout to my brother Martin who turns 16 today!