Gift Guide For Bakers

The holidays are fast approaching! To simplify your shopping a little, I've put together a list of my favorite baking tools and cookbooks. The person on your list who loves to bake or wants to get into baking would truly appreciate these gifts.

Recommended Tools

This can be used most simply to scrape dough off your counter after you've rolled it out. It's also great for cutting dough and has tons of other uses as well.

A bowl scraper is a great tool to use in place of a rubber spatula when mixing dough or folding in ingredients.

Yes, you can use these for biscuits, but you can also use them for doughnuts, cookies, or any other time you need to cut out a circular shape.

A French rolling pin with tapered ends is much easier to handle than a rolling pin with handles.

For any sort of cake or cupcake decorating, piping bags are key. I used to cut a whole in the end of a plastic bag, but a piping bag is a much better idea and the end result is much more professional looking.

And of course, you'll need some tips to go with those piping bags. I recommend a basic set and also a package of larger tips.

This is the best tool you can have for frosting a cake evenly and smoothly.

While a pastry brush is the perfect thing to use to apply an egg wash to croissants before baking them, it can also be used simply to brush excess flour off of dough.

A pastry wheel is essential for cutting clean lines in dough when making anything from croissants to pop tarts to graham crackers. I recommend a fluted one and a non-fluted one.

I can barely begin to cover the myriad uses for a baby offset spatula. It can be super helpful in so many situations. Say you've written on a cake and messed up. You can use a paring knife to lift off the ruined writing and then the baby offset to smooth the ruffled frosting. It can also be used to transfer delicate desserts from a pan to a plate.

Ever since I started using cookie scoops, making cookies, cupcakes, and muffins has gotten so much easier. The cookie scoop lets you portion out the same amount of dough or batter every time. I have a small one and a medium one. The small one is perfect for mini cupcakes, and the medium is perfect for regular-size cupcakes (2 scoops). I use both for portioning cookies. I highly recommend the Oxo ones because they're durable and have a comfortable handle.

Recommended Cookbooks

Recommended Appliances

I would be lost without my stand mixer. Most people acquire them as wedding gifts and hide them in cabinets. I say leave it on the counter and at the very least use it for mashed potatoes. I doubt a week goes by without my turning it on for something -- of course, I do bake pretty often.
This might be the best kitchen appliance I have ever gotten. I use it to mix dough, to grate or slice zucchini, to make pesto, to make salad dressing, to chop all sorts of fruits and veggies, and so on. It's versatile and extremely useful.

Remember, no matter what you're buying this year, if you do any shopping on Amazon.com, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use this link. I earn a small percentage from all purchases made through my blog, but there's no added cost for you. I'm hoping to save up for a new camera to bring you guys better pictures of all the treats I make.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

What are your favorite baking tools?