Gift Guide For Cooks

Like my Gift Guide for Bakers, my Gift Guide for Cooks suggests items I think any cook would love to own and would use often in the kitchen. For the cook on your list, check out my guide.

Recommended Tools

I've had a Zyliss garlic press for 5 or 6 years now, and while I love it, the coating has started to rub off of it. I just bought a silly little garlic roller that I am not at all impressed with, so I'm in the market for a new garlic press now. The one above looks pretty nice to me. I don't think it matters much what garlic press you get as long as you get one. There are so many now that you can get one to suit your personal preference or give one to suit someone's else's preference. I think my next one will be stainless steel.

I just got this paring knife, and I'm already completely in love with it. It's sharp and effective and comes with a matching blade cover.

I like pans that can go from stove-top to oven. While I also recommend the skillet below, I find the braiser better for dishes with more liquid or things I need to cover. Mine is Cobalt Blue, but I'm lusting after the beautiful new Ocean color. (The one above is Caribbean.)

Plain and simple, this is an essential in any kitchen.

While I have been known to flatten chicken breasts with a rolling pin, this is really a much better tool.

I am notorious in our house for not being able to cook chicken properly Now that we have a meat thermometer, I never take the chicken out prematurely.

I use these tongs all the time -- whether I'm flipping bacon, pulling corn cobs out of boiling water, or just nudging stuff around in a pan. The silicone coverings on the end will keep you from scratching your nice pans too.

This is another versatile tool. I use it to skim fat off of soups and stocks and also when I'm frying doughnuts in oil! It helps the doughnuts keep their shape better than pulling them out with tongs.

A good stockpot is also essential in any kitchen. It's perfect for stocks and soups and can double as a pot to boil pasta in.

Everyone needs to find a knife that's the right fit for them and that they're comfortable with, and this is my top choice. I love this knife and use it constantly. Jeff hates it because I don't let him put it in the dishwasher, and he always has to hand wash it for me. (I'm not being fussy. You should never put any knives in the dishwasher.)

Recommended Cookbooks

Remember, no matter what you're buying this year, if you do any shopping on Amazon.com, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use this link. I earn a small percentage from all purchases made through my blog, but there's no added cost for you. I'm hoping to save up for a new camera to bring you guys better pictures of all the treats I make.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

What are your favorite cooking tools?